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Well, didn't expect something like this. Very well done and endlessly entertaining. I loved it... and I love Donuts! Gimme some!


looks and sounds awesome. makes me want more!


Finally some advice by a really, really sympathic man. Thanks Mr. Davis!

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Fast, good, clean fun. Good for killing some time. Also great soundtrack.

That's pretty well done, you guys. A bit too simple... Still I enjoyed it. BTW: Level 18 - I see what you did there!

yellowmonkeystudios responds:

AHaha yes there are these hidden messages. Check 27 and let me know if you get it :)

Most underrated game ever?

I very much think so. Hilarious in so many ways as it perfectly portrays the human hamster wheel of a young individual. BTW: perfect choice of music!

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F*cking awesome, dude! Love the mix of Hi-End sound with some Retro. VERY creative writing. Looking forward for more from you!

Perfect for bonus stage moments, imho ;)

I enjoyed this!

Love sound, especially the bass... it's really crunchy! The first part of the song is ace... not sure about the structure of the rest. But all in all a very cool little piece of music, keep it up!

JohnLeprechaun responds:

Wow, I'm surprised this song is still getting reviews. Thanks for the insight, I'm glad you enjoyed it! I spent a lot of time perfecting how each of the instruments sounded and interacted with the others, which is by far the hardest part of producing, so I'm also happy that that turned out alright. Thanks for the review!

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I'm amazed

I love the intense dark colors and the bold shadows and highlights. It leaves one with a very satisfying feeling.

i like what's going on there

also, the eyeball in the middle reminds of tool's aenima artwork, which is awesome. all in all great piece of work!

hell yeah

10/10 for a great tribute! i think your style captures the mood of this awesome movie really well. good job, sir!

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