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Wow, this is so good! There are some moments when I, personaly, would turn the volume of some instruments (like the glockenspiel) down... also, I'd say go for more dark and bassy and less standard electro sounds, but that's reeeeally cherrypicking. Like I said, I think it's amazing, will check out your other stuff right now! :D

etK responds:

Thanks a lot!! I'm really glad you liked it and I appreciate the constructive criticism! Quick note, what you call a glockenspiel here I believe are the hang drums (more specifically a Zenko, if you want to google what it looks like)
Thanks for checking out the rest of the album too! Although there's way more Psytrance and techno, so if you're into Ambient more you can check out my tracks "Jämtland" and "Trappnas" :P

You know what? Sounds like you had a lot of fun there... it shows!

F*cking awesome, dude! Love the mix of Hi-End sound with some Retro. VERY creative writing. Looking forward for more from you!

Perfect for bonus stage moments, imho ;)

I enjoyed this!

Love sound, especially the bass... it's really crunchy! The first part of the song is ace... not sure about the structure of the rest. But all in all a very cool little piece of music, keep it up!

JohnLeprechaun responds:

Wow, I'm surprised this song is still getting reviews. Thanks for the insight, I'm glad you enjoyed it! I spent a lot of time perfecting how each of the instruments sounded and interacted with the others, which is by far the hardest part of producing, so I'm also happy that that turned out alright. Thanks for the review!

really like it...

...but you should work on the vocals... i mean the dark style is definitely okay... (i like it better than those default harsh distortion vocals you hear in every second dark electro band)... but it needs more throughput. or maybe just more volume. think about it, guys. otherwise really cool track!


the powerful sound you create here can easily keep up with those AAA industrial/aggrotech acts like combichrist, aesthetic perfection, agonoize, what have you... just drop the voicesamples and get some real vocals into it. if you yourself can't do it, find someone who can... dude!

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